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Lease Surety Agreement

A word about the security of your personal information: Dan's Houses uses industry standard encryption algorithms as specified by the Open PGP Standard to ensure the security, privacy and authenticity of your information. The information you enter into the form below is encrypted when you submit the application and is then transmitted to a secure, encrypted mailbox to await our retrieval. At no time is your personal information sent to or from our systems in an unencrypted state.

Lease Surety Agreement Form

Your son/daughter has applied to lease a home through Dan's Houses in Ann Arbor. Because your son/daughter is a student and is not employed full-time, the Lease Surety Agreement below is required by the lease. All sections of the form must be filled out to be in compliance with our lease.

I, the undersigned Surety, am the parent, guardian, or other responsible party for the Lessee named below. In consideration of the mutual promises contained herein, the parties agree as follows:

  • Surety agrees to stand and serve as surety for Lessee relative to Lessee's pro rata share of rent and damages arrising under the Lease Agreement and or any subsequent, modifications, extensions or renewals. Surety agrees to pay the Lessee's pro-rata share of rent/damages within 15 days of receiving written notice from Dan's Houses. Notice is sufficient if sent to the address listed below, or such other address that Surety provide to Dan's Houses in writing.

  • Notwithstanding the provision for joint and several liabitlity in the Rental Agreement, Dan's Houses agrees that Surety's liability is limited to Lessee's pro-rata share of the total rent and damages. Lessee's pro rata share shall be defined as a fraction equal to one divided by the total number of lessees who signed the original Lease Agreement.

This Surety Agreement will be attached to and made part of the property lease agreement.

Lessee Information

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Surety Information

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